Memorial restoration in Lanarkshire

At Stewarton Memorials Ltd we offer a full renovation and memorial cleaning service, which covers all aspects of memorial headstone repair and restoration.

Complete memorial restoration services

Stewarton Memorials Ltd offers a full renovation and cleaning service for existing memorials. This includes:
  • Memorial restoration
  • Headstone cleaning
  • Re-Gilding lettering
  • Re-Painting lettering
  • Re-erect of unsafe memorials
  • Additional inscriptions including raised lead lettering
We can also undertake any other customised work you would like done – feel free to ask about what we can offer. 

Headstone restoration from start to finish

We have a well-established process that our headstone restoration specialists follow in order to assure top-quality service. First, we visit the cemetery to assess the memorial, allowing us to provide an accurate quotation of how much it will cost to get your memorial restored, cleaned or repaired. We will explain exactly how we intend to go about this, and discuss any concerns you may have regarding this.

Once the price and services are agreed on, all restoration work, cleaning and any additional inscriptions you request will be done on site, in the cemetery. There will be no need to move the headstone from its location.
Call our restoration experts today on 01698 357 493.
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